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Welcome to Certified Drone Pilot – Aerial Photographer. We are CAA certified drone pilots based in Gloucester Gloucestershire, specialising in aerial photography throughout the UK. Aerial photography is ideal for property, construction, inspections, travel & tourism. We provide high resolution images in the air using drones, with an Operation Authorisation drone licence by the CAA.

Taking aerial photographs means taking photos from above the ground without a ground-based structure. Cameras may be hand-held or mounted, and photographs may be taken by photographers or drones. In our case we use drones which can be easily positioned to anywhere we need in order to obtain visual images, whether that be a structure, building or plot of land.

Aerial photographers take both vertical and oblique photographs for planning land-use projects, movie productions, environmental studies, archeology, power lines, oil and gas exploration, surveillance, and advertising.

How Are Drones Used in Aerial Photography?

Aerial drone photography is the taking of photographs from above using a UAV drone. This could be regular aerial photography, or orthomosaic 3D mapping of real estate, environmental studies, land-use planning, commercial advertising, marketing, and cartology.
Drones have sophisticated technology for photography. They utilise GPS technology for accurate navigation and position of the drone. The relative positioning and speed of the vehicle are also usually determined by the UAV GPS. Because of this technology, drones can safely fly at lower altitudes than planes, allowing them to capture low-level images.

The cameras fitted on the drones we use are high-resolution, with an excellent dynamic range. You can use our aerial photography for digital prints, or digital advertising and media assets.

We are fully qualified drone pilots with an operational authorisation from the CAA, with a good eye for detail; we are video producers and photographers in our fields.

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Aerial Filming with Drones

Aerial filming was once done on helicopters, and in some scenarios, still is.  Nowadays however, things have changing drastically. Drones these days are kitted with powerful cameras, and in these cameras, are excellent sensors which can deliver a high-dynamic range along with good colour science. We can easily capture 10-bit 4K footage at 25fps in the air, and we use aerial filming outside the client’s location; filming the establishment and its interior.

Aerial filming adds a completely new dimension to storytelling, starting from a wide open shot of the establishment, and moving in closer to being telling the story. We use a Mavic Pro 2 for aerial filming and photography, and if the situation calls for supreme video quality, we will hire a large drone to hold a bigger camera.

We are licensed to fly drones but we take safety very seriously, taking the public’s safety into account as well as our flight crew. We hold a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Operational Authorisation, which gives us a legal permit to safely pilot a drone of up to 2KG, to obtain both aerial photography and aerial video footage from high above.

Aerial Drone Inspections

Drone roof surveys and aerial building inspections based in Gloucestershire. We deliver aerial inspections in both high-resolution photography and 4K video footage, on a one-day turnaround at competitive rates. We deliver the results on the very same day.

Utilising the latest aerial unmanned vehicles (UAV’s), we provide aerial drone photography and inspections in applications that previously relied on scaffolding to be erected, for building and roof surveyors to access. Some structures are much harder to access; conventional means of access such as scaffolding or cherry-pickers aren’t always an option, and this is where aerial drone inspections come in; an aerial drone inspection is far more practical, safer and cost-effective.

Aerial inspections are ideal for finding faults on roofs, chimneys, bridges, buildings, construction yards, spires and towers. We work for chartered surveyors, builders, property owners and real estate agents.

Fully qualified and operating to strict safety procedures, we fly drones with an operational authorisation from the CAA, and our certifications can be made available upon request. Our first priority is to the public safety and staff on our operations.

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Roof Inspection

Drones are safer, faster and cheaper than hiring scaffolding and getting a builder to inspect the roof visually. Results such as high resolution images can be with you within the same day via digital delivery of images. Drones can be used to detect water pooling in the roof (using aerial thermal FLIR camera), cracked and damaged tiles, missing tiles, damaged or missing lead flashing and more.

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Real Estate Photography

Real estate agents have increasingly turned to drones to capture some of their most captivating listing photos. Whether it be for video on your display screens, or images for your listings, there is not better way to show the scale, size and attractions of the property. Aerial photography using drones is one of the best way real estate agents can make their listings stand out.

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Building Inspection

There are also those buildings that are just too dangerous to get close to – especially where conventional scaffolding isn’t an easy option. We are asked to inspect structures that are either too hard or too expensive to reach by conventional means. Over the years we’ve provided aerial drone inspections for homes, residential retirement homes, factories, church spires, aircraft hangars and medieval buildings to schools.

TBS Aerial Hvac Roof Inspection Gloucester

We managed to complete an aerial roof inspection at TBS Engineering in Brockworth Estate, Gloucester. The client needs yearly visual inspections on all of the guttering and vents, and this is our second HVAC inspection. This time we have performed the aerial drone roof inspection using a thermal drone; The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. This drone has an excellent 48megapixel camera, alongside a good resolution thermal infra-red camera, which allows us to see differences in heat in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning vents which are usually difficult to see when blocked.

Using the M2EA’s automated 3D mapping feature, we were able to create a photogrammetrically orthorectified image using both visual and thermal images. Alongside this, we manually flew the drone over the blocked vents and used the side-by-side thermal and visual camera to better illustrate how heat dispersion is irregular from the vents due to blockages. You can also easily see the blockages in the visual image.

An orthomosaic is a photogrammetrically orthorectified image product mosaicked from an image collection, where the geometric distortion has been corrected and the imagery has been colour balanced to produce a seamless mosaic dataset. We used Drone Deploy software to make this possible.

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