Commercial roof inspections with high-res drone photography

We are qualified UAV drone pilots specialising in aerial roof inspections based in Gloucester. We work closely with surveyors, builders, roofers, and homebuyers but are able to provide our service to anyone, subject to CAA UK air regulations. We provide high-quality aerial photography and video of external roofing.

Common roofing issues can lead to damp, water and structural damage to the building. Blocked air ventilation can cause a breach of Health & Safety Regulations in a commercial building and, of course, could lead to employees’ health and welfare being affected. Many of our clients seek us to locate the cause of the issue and to save money on costly scaffolding.

The footage and photography.

We use a Mavic Pro 2 with a Hasselblad that shoots at 20MP with 4K video recording. The 4k video recording uses the new h.265 codec, introducing stunning 10-bit video quality that we can colour grade to exactly how you like it. Furthermore, we are also videographers and can provide video footage on the ground and in your work environment too, so we can tell a better story of your company.

Aerial time-lapses and high quality drone photography can also be provided, as well as drone mapping, which is a revolutionary strategy of programming the drone to take multiple images in series to generate a very-high quality map for insight into the property details. This can then be passed to a licensed land surveyor, so that contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.

Missing / Loose Lead Flashing

Roofing lead is a major component to resisting the harmful effects of acid rain and extreme heat. Without it, the roof integrity could be compromised. Lead flashing has been used on roofs for centuries, and because of this, it is common for very-old flashing to lose its protective properties and come loose in heavy winds over time. 

Tradesmen and roofers favour lead flashing due to its flexibility; it can be formed and moulded into shapes. In expert hands, lead flashing can be used in roof valleys and flat roofs, as well as in cladding. 

Spotting missing flashing is much easier with a drone, especially when the suspect area is in the centre of a lead valley and visibility is poor. 

Damaged & Missing Roof Tiles

Strong winds, hail, and lack of maintenance can knock years off of the total lifespan of a roof. We routinely check for loose or damaged roof tiles/slates. The picture above shows glass roof tiles for a skylight, and these show signs of damp with the presence of moss, which is pushing the tiles out of place. 

Aerial drones are superb at finding loose and missing roof tiles. We can then arrange the images into a relative map and send them to your builder or roofing specialist; much cheaper than to send somebody up on the roof to take a look. 

Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. Modern materials such as concrete, metal and plastic are also used and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze.

Blocked Roof vents

High-quality roof ventilation is essential for stopping condensation from building up in roof spaces. For commercial buildings and factories, roofing vents will most likely be air conditioning. It is a legal requirement for yearly air-con vents to be checked on factory and commercial unit roofs.

Due to the sheer size of an average factory roof, it is far, far more economical and cheaper to get us to fly our drone above the factory roof for an aerial inspection, to survey the health and to track down any signs of damage, wear and tear.

We are based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire and we provide aerial drone inspections and surveys, and regularly provide aerial inspections for commercial properties in Gloucester, to locate and photograph blocked guttering, and blocked air ventilation points on the tops of large roofs.

We are certified with a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), and we have thorough knowledge and understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills.

We provide a full pre-site assessment before we proceed, which we complete using a variety of ordinance survey maps, Google maps and UAV flight tools to get a better understanding of the local area of your post-code, assessing any risks and hazards which we need to be aware of. Once we can confirm a safe and legal flight can be conducted within CAA UK air regulations, we can both agree on a time and day for the flight operation, subject to changes in weather conditions.

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