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Aerial Surveys & Inspections of Roofs, Wind Turbine Blades and Commercial Buildings

We are certified with a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), and we have a good understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills.

Drone pilots remotely operate drones for aerial surveys and inspections, video production and aerial photography. Some of our work involves aerial photography for property agents, aerial surveying and inspecting infrastructure, such as bridges and tall buildings, and mapping land use for farming or archaeological work. We do aerial roof inspections, for small commercial buildings, hotels, schools and large warehouses. We also provide aerial wind turbine blade inspection.

We provide a full pre-site assessment before we proceed, which we complete using a variety of ordinance survey maps, Google maps and UAV flight tools to get a better understanding of the local area of your post-code, assessing any risks and hazards which we need to be aware of. Once we can confirm a safe flight can be conducted, we can both agree on a time and day for the flight operation.

How much do you charge for Aerial Surveys?

We price our drone aerial surveys based on the size of the building as this better reflects the time to completion. We are very experienced, licensed and insured.

Pricing Examples

Small Commercial Building £280
Wind Turbine Blade Inspection £300
Medium Size Hotel £350
Large Commercial Roof £350
Medium Size School £350
Large Warehouse (50,000ft) £450

The footage and photography.

We use a Mavic Pro 2 with a Hasselblad that shoots at 20MP with 4K video recording. The 4k video recording uses the new h.265 codec, introducing stunning 10-bit video quality that we can colour grade to exactly how you like it. Furthermore, we are also videographers and can provide video footage on the ground and in your work environment too, so we can tell a better story of your company.

Aerial time-lapses and high quality drone photography can also be provided, as well as drone mapping, which is a revolutionary strategy of programming the drone to take multiple images in series to generate a very-high quality map for insight into the property details. This can then be passed to a licensed land surveyor, so that contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.

Aerial Videography / Photography

We definitely have an eye for this business – since we produce professional videos for the defence sector, manufacturing, engineering, technical, production, logistics, sales, marketing, communication, training, corporate, Company profiles, tourism and sports.

We use a Mavic Pro 2 with a Hasselblad that shoots at 20MP with 4K video recording. The 4k video recording uses the new h.265 codec, introducing stunning 10-bit video quality that we can colour grade to exactly how you like it.

We’re always interested in working on new projects and in new industries – we thrive on challenge and variety. Our videos can be and have been used for a variety of purposes including websites, social media, advertising and promotion.

Drone Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Elevate your marketing to potential buyers with a birds-eye view of your property, and stand out on Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location. It’s no secret that drone aerial photography will vastly increase the salability of your home or commercial property.

We provide aerial drone property photography and videos for residential estate agents, which can be a winning combination for selling your property. Because we have experience in video production, we can also provide ground-based video production along with your aerial footage.

Aerial photography and video can capture the scale of the property and its garden, which is not possible with conventional photography.

We have our own in-house editing studio using a powerhouse computer hardware and editing tools at our disposal. We offer professional editing services including, graphics, colour correction and grading services tailored to your requirements.

We can grade and adjust our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, soundtrack, and even music to deliver film ready for publication. We can also advise and install videos on your website too.

Drone Survey / Drone Mapping

Drone surveys are safer, faster and more cost-efficient when it comes to surveying at height. This is also referred to as aerial surveys, UAS surveys and UAV surveys.

Whether it’s a new property development, a bridge or tall building, a busy construction site, a busy stretch of a railway, or a property portfolio, we can capture high resolution imagery and video footage, with the use of drone mapping.

We fly at an altitude of 25 m for aerial surveys to achieve a 1cm (3 inches) pixel size using our specific drone. This gives an accurate spatial resolution for the ground sampling distance.