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  • Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 0
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    Analysis – Loose Damaged Roof Ridge Tile

    This loose and damaged ridge tile was found on a recent aerial roof inspection which had missing ridge tiles on the south side of the building. Upon closer inspection of the below image, you can see shadows from one of the nails which indicate there is some ‘give’ on the roof tile which has been…

  • Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 3
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    Analysis – Cracked Roof Tiles

    On this aerial roof survey, we found cracked roof tiles directly above a roof where leaks occurred. The owner of the residence told us that there was a spot on the ceiling that looked like water damage but it wasn’t too excessive – small enough to ignore. Once we had the drone in the air…

  • Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 2
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    Analysis – Missing Roof Ridge Tile

    A roof ridge is a horizontal tile that serves as the intersection of two roof planes and are ideal to protect the roof from harsh weather such as wind and rain. This roof ridge tile hasn’t been found onsite or in the gardens but at some point this has been blown off, and it happens…

  • Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 4
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    Aerial Roof Survey at Wolseley Lodge

    Aerial roof survey of a 36 year-old property in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. We found a missing roof ridge tile exposing timber, numerous loose ridge tiles with missing nails and cracked tiles allowing a leak into one of the properties. Before inspection we learned there had been a leak into the bedroom with a light stain on…

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    I have passed my A2 CofC and GVC Drone licence!!

    This is just a quick post to show I have recently passed the A2 CofC and GVC drone licence. On the last day of 2020 new drone regulations came into force in the uk and throughout the EU. These regulations make no distinction between commercial and recreational drone flying, instead they focus on the level…

  • Heavenwood house drone roof inspection stroud gloucestershire 0
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    Heavenwood House Drone Roof Inspection

    Heavenwood house is in Stroud, Gloucestershire. There are numerous roof leaks, predominantly in the two roof valleys at the front of the property. We found loose rubber on the flats of the roof between the front valleys, which flapped in the wind. This vulnerability allows rain to find its way into the roof, and the…

  • aerial roof drone inspections gloucestershire4
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    Aerial Drone Roof Surveys

    Certified Drone Pilot specialises in aerial drone roof surveys using UAV drones. We work with chartered surveyors, builders, property owners, and consultants to provide an in-depth oversight of the condition of roofing. Some of our projects include large commercial buildings, factories, residential homes, hotels, listed buildings, retail parks, industrial sites, wind turbine blades and even…

  • SOLAR PANEL thermal survey faults found faulty panels 0
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    Aerial thermal solar panel inspection

    Thermal imaging technology is what we use to inspect solar panels. With our FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) thermal drone we can detect hot spots, manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, defective bypass diodes and temporary shadowing. Using a thermal drone is a non-destructive and non-invasive method to locate abnormal spots on solar panels. We can thermal…

  • solar panel thermal survey hobsons brewery overview
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    Solar Farm Thermal Drone Survey for Hobsons Brewery

    Hobsons Brewery has a 30kW solar panel on its facility, spanning over 3 small buildings. Each solar cell has its own driver chip, its own circuitry, so it isn’t run in series. We ran a routine inspection of the panels and found a total of 4 faulty panels which can be easily distinguished by their…

  • aerial roof thermal drone inspection herefordshire 1
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    Aerial Roof Thermal Inspection of Stollery House

    We provided an aerial thermal drone roof inspection of Stollery house in Llangarron, near Ross-on-Wye. The images show only 1 fault with the property here and that is a loose roof tile – see if you can find which one it is. Upgrading to a thermal drone has given us the ability to detect differences in…