aerial roof surveying gloucestershire

Aerial Roof Survey

Drone roof surveys have superseded scaffolding, as a standard as the first point of inspection for identifying structural issues with a roof. This may include damaged or missing roof tiles, structural damage, chimneys, gutters and gables. We can provide you with crisp high-resolution HDR images and 4K footage of your property, using industry-leading aerial camera optics and state-of-the-art drones.

Aerial roof inspections and surveys are safe, and the cost of a drone roof survey is much cheaper than other conventional survey methods. With good prior planning and preparation, a drone inspection can analyse and review the site before committing to the expense of erecting scaffolding or hiring cranes.

Our aerial inspection photos are all HDR

We use HDR (high dynamic range) pictures which can allow us to see details better, such as the shadow areas in gutters, right to the brightest roof tile.

Pricing Examples

We price our drone roof surveys on the size of the building and the time taken in our pre-flight assessment. We are very precise with planning to ensure a smooth flight operation, and a minimal disruption to your property.

A drone roof survey on a residential building could cost as little as £250. Larger premises such as a factory or a large office complex will start at £450.

With this kind of resolution, we can pick up any level of damage or structural problem within a relatively short time and have the images back to you within a few days.

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