Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 2

Analysis – Missing Roof Ridge Tile

A roof ridge is a horizontal tile that serves as the intersection of two roof planes and are ideal to protect the roof from harsh weather such as wind and rain.

This roof ridge tile hasn’t been found onsite or in the gardens but at some point this has been blown off, and it happens to be closest to the side which gets the worst of the weather; the ridge tile is completely missing from the roof where we captured this image. There is a visible gab in the roof covering showing the timber underneath and the buildings tenants have reported sounds of birds in the roof – a possibility of seagull chicks? There are certainly reports of roof leaks from the residents in this part of the building.

Wolseley lodge aerial roof survey gloucester 2
Missing roof tile. This exposes the roof and roof structure to weather damage.

A missing roof ridge tile can more certainly cause a leak and further damage to the roof’s structure. Even if there is no visible gap in the roof where the ridge tile is missing, the missile tile creates a break in the roof where the weather can penetrate. It’s also worth considering the knock-on effect.

The damage from having missing ridge tiles may not be apparent immediately, it will eventually make itself known.

If you think you have a missing roof ridge tile, contact us.

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