Cheaper Drone Roof Inspections with CDP

We charge from just £250 for aerial drone roof inspections, and we operate within Gloucester and its County Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire. We can operate outside of this radius for an additional mileage fee.

Roofs are subject to cold and harsh weather conditions in the UK, and for properties both old and new, an aerial drone roof inspection can be both cheaper and more convenient to identify damage to the roof, or the structure of the roofing. This saves sending a builder up to climbing the roof with scaffolding and eliminates any risk or fall hazards. We can pilot a drone safely, and take very high-resolution images that are crisp and clear.

Typical roof problems

Some of these roof problems we find are pretty common and they include the following:

  1. Loose or missing lead flashing
  2. Blocked guttering
  3. Cracked/damaged guttering
  4. Blocked vents
  5. Damaged flashing within the corners on a roof valley
  6. Loose roofing tiles
  7. Missing roofing tiles
  8. Chimney damage
  9. Lost ridge tiles

Building types we work with

We provide aerial drone roof inspections for commercial and domestic properties, houses to factories, schools, universities, leisure centres, and even office units. Each one of these buildings has different types of roofing, especially old homes with roofs over 100 years old. These homes may have different styles of flashing, slate tiles, and much more.

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