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Prepping for Aerial Inspection of Guttering Tomorrow

We will be conducting a guttering and roof aerial inspection tomorrow for TBS Engineering in Gloucester. We do not have to tell you that without guttering, you will have a problem with rain water on the surface of walls and the roof.

Firstly, data is gathered for the pre-flight assessment; weather reports, wind speeds, nearby airports, electrical power lines and hazards on the ground, are all things that need to be noted and considered carefully before we even get on site. On the day of flight, weather permitting, and conduct an on-site assessment, taking into consideration any public footpaths or other hazards that may have been missed on ordinance survey maps, and satellite imagery.

We will survey the damage and blockages of the corners of the guttering, the straights and the central channel that runs through the top centre of the building. Once this is done safely, footage in video and HDR images (high dynamic range pictures which show good detail in over-exposed and shadow areas) are processed and fine-tuned, then sent over to the client. This information can be sent to their roofing specialist and be able to cut-costs and time of an overall site inspection, and get straight to the problem.
Watch this space!

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