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Aerial Surveys

We provide aerial drone surveys with a rapid one-day turnaround. We are based in Gloucester serving Stroud, Cotswolds, Hereford, Ross-on-wye and the Forest of Dean. We work with chartered surveyors, builders, property owners, and consultants to provide an in-depth oversight of the condition of roofing. Some of our projects include large commercial buildings, factories, residential homes, hotels, listed buildings, retail parks, industrial sites, wind turbine blades and even solar farms.

We also provide aerial thermal imaging drone surveys for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), aerial roof inspections, thermal solar panel inspections, wind turbine blade inspections and power line inspections.

With each and every service that we provide, we will deliver considerable cost savings over conventional methods of inspection and surveying.

Common Roof Survey Finds

Cracked Roof Tiles

If we spot a cracked or missing tile on your roof, we would most likely be able to spot this almost immediately whether we use regular RGB photography or thermal photography. If a damaged roof tile isn’t addressed, you risk further damaged to the integrity of the roof and leaking. Water ingress can weaken the structure of the building if left untreated for long periods.

Missing Lead Flashing

One of the main purposes of the roof is to protect against weather and to prevent the ingress of water. Lead roof flashing is an integral part of any roofing structure and works to prevent the passage of water into the structure from a joint. Missing or damaged lead flashing will result in leakages in the roof, and we can spot missing roof flashing instantly with aerial drones.

Blocked HVAC Vents

HVAC inspections are a critical task on any property manager’s checklist. Essential for the functionality of a building’s heating and cooling system, aerial HVAC inspections help determine if important infrastructure is functional or in need of repair.

An Aerial HVAC inspection can be used to understand the true age, condition, and sizing of a building’s HVAC and ventilation units, eliminating any unwelcome heating and cooling surprises when purchasing a new property.

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Roof Inspection

Drones are safer, faster and cheaper than hiring scaffolding and getting a builder to inspect the roof visually. Results such as high resolution images can be with you within the same day via digital delivery of images. Drones can be used to detect water pooling in the roof (using aerial thermal FLIR camera), cracked and damaged tiles, missing tiles, damaged or missing lead flashing and more.

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Real Estate

Real estate agents have increasingly turned to drones to capture some of their most captivating listing photos. Whether it be for video on your display screens, or images for your listings, there is not better way to show the scale, size and attractions of the property. Aerial photography using drones is one of the best way real estate agents can make their listings stand out.

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Building Inspection

There are also those buildings that are just too dangerous to get close to – especially where conventional scaffolding isn’t an easy option. We are asked to inspect structures that are either too hard or too expensive to reach by conventional means. Over the years we’ve provided aerial drone inspections for homes, residential retirement homes, factories, church spires, aircraft hangars and medieval buildings to schools.

Aerial Roof Surveys allow data acquisition from hard-to-reach areas quickly, decreases various risks and costs, and reduces the workforce required on-field. An Aerial roof inspection is executed in the presence of an authorised drone pilot who possesses the skills to accomplish the task.