The Haie, Newnham Gloucestershire

The Haie in Newnham Gloucestershire are converted flats within this magnificent building.

Angela at The Haie Management Ltd contacted us due to problems in one of the flats at the front, and that leaking / damp was becoming a problem. We set a date and planned the flight for the aerial drone roof inspection.

We found numerous roof issues such as blocked gutters at the front of the property, loose tiles, displaced lead flashing which exposed bare timber to the harsh elements and more. This roof spanned over 4 flats over the property so we had to create a map using an overhead image, so we could clearly reference which particular part of the roof the imagery referred to.

This was a dangerous roof for a builder to climb and to access, and using drone pilots such as ourselves is the logical answer. The resulting images are passed to the builder, and the repairs can commence with a clear understanding of what needs to be repaired.


Just wanted to let you know how amazing your pictures of the roof are – they will help us make plans for addressing the many roof issues, Best wishes, Angie.