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Aerial Drone Guttering Inspection for Factory Roof in Gloucestershire

We have undertaken an aerial drone inspection for TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire. This factory roof has a split guttering system due to its unique double-gambrel roof shape. As highlighted on the key map I created, you can see how I’ve had to split the roof guttering into 5 rows, and place the relevant images in these folders for the client.

The weather on the day of the roof inspection was extremely bright. We took pictures in a RAW format as the shadows were very harsh due to the hard light, and I wanted to recover that detail in post-production. As I carefully piloted the drone down each of the gutter channels, I discovered blocked filters which had collected dust, dirt and leaves. A total of 5 filters were blocked on the roof, and the remaining 30 were clean, with no blockage.

The photos were digitally delivered to the client the next day.

It’s a legal requirement for commercial insurance to have the roof checked and inspected for damage or structural problems.

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